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Who I Am & What I Do Best


Victoria Smith 

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I believe it is important to find a therapist who balances an environment of safety, encouragement, and honesty. My style is warm, authentic, and I strive to balance client-directed self-reflection with skill development to help you maximize positive change in your life.

My approach is deeply influenced by Cognitive- Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which can improve the understanding of one's own behaviors through examining the relationship between our thoughts, emotions, and actions. I have completed additional training in the areas of Grief and Loss, Traumatic Grief and Loss, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in the treatment of Perfectionism, Exposure and Response Prevention, and Addiction. 




Nobody wants to feel afraid, nauseated, panicked, and out of control. On the contrary, we would all like to enjoy our work, hobbies, school, sleep, and time with others without becoming swept up in our worries. Anxiety can quickly escalate to a level that attacks our happiness and ability to enjoy life. As a parent, you may feel powerless to help your child develop the skills needed to manage their anxiety. With stomachaches, terrible nights of sleep, and constant panic, anxiety can consume the entire family. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and, if needed, Exposure Response Prevention Therapy to address anxiety triggers head on. You are not powerless in managing your anxiety and there absolutely is hope- you just may be lacking the tools and support needed to manage your anxiety.



Perhaps you've passed all the tests, achieved the incredible results, met milestones with ease, and pleased those in your life throughout the process. And yet, somedays it feels that the success comes with emotional pressures that can impact your relationships with others, as well as with yourself. You may be suffering from guilt, fear of losing it all, a constant drive to achieve more, or difficulty with being perceived as different from others. In adolescents, perfectionism can also show up as hypersensitivity to criticism, high anxiety, and procrastination. I utilize Cognitive-Behavioral approaches specifically tailored to perfectionism when treating clients in this area. Together, we will examine how a focus on perfectionism has impacted your life and how to achieve authentic happiness and peace. 

Adolescents & School-Related Issues

Does your teenager appear depressed, insecure, irritable, or anxious?  Is your teenager having difficulty in school, with peers, or getting into trouble with the law? Is your teenager avoiding school all together?

Since 2016, I’ve worked with school-aged children to identify and address barriers to academic success. This might include difficulties adjusting to a new school or life changes, adapting to changes in friendships, returning to school after a prolonged absence, difficulty asking for help, behavior issues in school, or school avoidance.  Therapy can help adolescents develop problem-solving skills and techniques to better manage academic challenges and learn to navigate potential stresses of being at school. 

Potential treatment areas:

- School Avoidance

- Anger/Conflict with Peers

- Perfectionism 

- Engaging in Bullying Behaviors

- Assertiveness and Coping Skills for Victims of Bullying

- Social Skills

- Executive Functioning (Planning, Prioritizing, Organization, Self-Control)

- School-Related Anxiety 

- Low Self-Esteem

& More. 

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