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"Whatever you're not changing,
you're choosing"

Treatment for Adolescents and School Related Issues 

Finding Strength and Comfort 

Adolescents may find themselves in a position where they feel exhausted and overwhelmed by life's challenges. Often, adolescents lack a toolbox of skills needed to overcome and and take charge of their emotions. Therapy can be helpful in helping them learn to identify their current challenges and stressors, improve thinking patterns, and rethink their reactions to difficult situations. Typical focuses in therapy may include a focus on gaining empathy, self-compassion, building and maintaining healthy friendships, navigating peer conflict, developing healthy independence, and focusing on outlets for stress.  

Choosing a therapist is a big decision! Afterall, who is this stranger who wants your child to bear their soul? Reach out today, and we’ll determine if we’re a good fit. If we’re not, I can connect you with a another  talented therapist in our area — because at the end of the day, this is about you and your child getting the peace you deserve

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