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Development of Executive Functioning Skills 

Find Strength and Focus 

 Therapy for ADHD is a collaborative, supportive, goal-oriented process that focuses on the development of  self-awareness, time management, organizational, and impulse control skills needed to be successful. 


Perhaps you want to switch jobs or stop chronic disorganization and lateness that impacts your work and relationships.  Or, perhaps your child needs help with prioritizing the piles of homework he gets, now that he’s in middle school. Or maybe you’re looking to better yourself all around —  in areas like emotional growth, social skills, and the workplace — and need guided motivation.

Potential Areas of Focus:

  • Organizing, planning, and prioritizing

  • Starting tasks and staying focused 

  • Confidence and self-esteem

  • Understanding different points of view

  • Impulse control 

  • Communication skills

  • Emotional regulation

  • Establishing healthy sleep-wake routines

  • Self-monitoring (keeping track of what you’re doing)

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Our Commitment to a Neurodiversity Affirmative Stance

Neurodiversity speaks to the variation in neurological functioning in the human brain. As a therapist, I recognize that there are neural and biological differences and not every brain works the same. There are different ways of perceiving the world, different capacities to reason and think critically, and various sensitivities to environmental stimuli.

Many clients come to me with a previous diagnosis of ADHD from a psychologist or medical doctor. Some have benefited from medication treatment, whereas others prefer a different approach. Therapy for ADHD can be beneficial regardless of whether someone is taking medication.  I have completed specific training in working with groups affected by ADHD and I aim to help my clients to develop a better understanding of their symptoms – including the unique abilities and challenges it presents - and to identify the skills and strategies they need to build upon the strengths that are already there. 

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