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"Don't fear change, change fear." - Nelson Mandela 

Treatment for Perfectionism & Anxiety

People may look at you and  see a happy, successful person. But on the inside, you feel anxious, sad, and overwhelmed, like this "front" might slip at any moment. Maybe you're coping with a breakup and wondering why your relationships never seem to last. Maybe you feel isolated from your friends, even though you try your hardest to be  the best friend you can be.  Perhaps you've passed all the tests, achieved the incredible results, met milestones with ease, and pleased those in your life throughout the process. And yet, somedays it feels that the success comes with emotional pressures that can impact your relationships with others, as well as with yourself. 

In adolescents, perfectionism can also show up as hypersensitivity to criticism, high anxiety, and procrastination. I utilize Cognitive-Behavioral approaches specifically tailored to perfectionism when treating clients in this area. Together, we can examine how a focus on perfectionism has impacted your life and how to achieve authentic happiness.

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