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"A ship is safe at harbor, but that's not what ships are built for." 


Treatment for Trauma

Find Hope and Clarity 

Are you looking for help and hope in moving forward? Do you desire to space to discuss and overcome past traumas? Untreated trauma is painful and can keep you from feeling the way you want to feel and living the life you want to live. Individual therapy can be helpful when we are stuck ruminating about the past, uncertain about the future, or struggling with our present circumstances. 

 The human experience is not always easy and our life experiences and early childhood attachments can have a profound impact on our development. Therapy can be helpful on a journey towards clearer skies and clarity. Finding real solutions takes commitment, and it can be hard to do on your own.  We help clients identify triggers in their lives that lead to patterns of uncomfortable feelings and unhelpful behaviors. Stress and trauma impacts everyone differently, but therapy can provide a supportive space to find inner peace. Many of our therapists are EMDR trained and specialize in treating trauma. 


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