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A combination of evidenced-based techniques and authentic human connection. 

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“The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. "


- William James


Perhaps you used to find joy in your work and family role, you used to love helping others, but lately you’ve noticed:


  • A feeling of  overwhelm  every time another task is piled on your to do list.

  • Guilt   and thoughts that you’re never able to do enough.

  • Activities that used to give you excitement, now  exhaust  you instead.  


You’ve probably already been told to be more compassionate towards yourself, lower your standards, and try a bubble bath at the end of the day. Sometimes we need more tools and support

We would love to help. 

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Do you have Depression? PTSD?  Dissociation? If you googled the symptoms, you probably feel like you have it all. The labels don’t matter as much as the tools you use to  process challenging experiences from your past, so that you can better face life’s challenges.

Perfectionism and Anxiety 

Do you second guess yourself to the point of exhaustion? Procrastinate to the last moment for fear of imperfections in your work? Since you have it all together and have done all the right things, others may view you as a success, but the pressure never ends. 


Learn to be more present in the good times,

and more self-compassionate in the tough times.

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Grief & Loss 

It’s important to remember that grief’s intensity can change over time. There is no perfect destination where we finally get “over” the loss of someone. Therapy doesn’t eliminate the pain, but it can help you learn how to manage the waves of grief in a way that will allow you to keep moving forward.

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Couples Therapy

Is your relationship or marriage no longer measuring up to your expectations? Do you feel stagnant about the growth of the relationship? Do you two spend more time fighting than enjoying each other's company?


Couples therapy can greatly improve your communication patterns and create pathways of empathy, understanding, and connection. 

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Executive Functioning & ADHD

Those with ADHD have often spent so long being told they're lazy, crazy, dumb, or need to try harder. Sometimes, we need a reminder that success is possible with the right skills and systems in place. Therapy can help children and adults develop a set of skills that help people plan, organize, manage their time, pay attention, process information, control their behavior, and navigate a world that can feel invalidating of one's strengths. 

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