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Holding Plant

"Grief is in two parts. The first is loss. The second is the remaking of life."

- Anne Roiphe

Treatment for Grief and Loss 

 Grief can show up in a variety of forms:


- Death of a loved one

- A break-up

​- Retirement

- Children moving out 

- Job loss

- Chronic or terminal illnesses

- Loss of a loved one to addiction


Grief cannot be avoided or ignored. If grief is not acknowledged and addressed, it will find its way out in ways that can negatively impact one's life.


Grief work requires patience and acceptance. Grieving a loss is a slow process. It can be difficult to know that the journey will take longer than you want it to. It can be reassuring to know that, over time, your grief can change and become less all-consuming. 

Together, we can find ways to  manage your thoughts and feelings in ways that allow you to experience healing and hope for the future.  It may feel impossible now, but you can experience happiness again. 

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